Esther Tew




2004-2007 BA Hons at Swansea Institute of Art and Design; Fine Art, combined media
2002-2004 A-levels at New College, Swindon; Photography, Film Studies, Psychology, Critical Thinking


Hedge laying
Green wood work
Forest school
Project management and good governance
Outdoor First Aid
Wind turbine technician
Manual handling
Working at height
Site safety

Selected Group and solo exhibitions, installations and events


For the birds Technician for Jony Easterby for outdoor sound and light event at Brighton Festival, UK with Jony Easterby, Mark Anderson, Ulf Mark Pedersen and Kathy Hinde

Glastonbury Sound and light installations for Greenpeace field at Glastonbury festival along the theme of forests

Camp Bestival Light installations for Caravanserai field at Camp Bestival with Bailes and Light

Residency at Melin-Byrhedyn with Jony Easterby

Residency at Worth Matravers with Harriet Wallis

Coming Up: More with For the Birds in Durham, more with Burn the Curtain across the UK, Lighting projects with the Woodland Trust, PAT testing and Geology courses.


For the birds Lighting for outdoor sound and light event at New Zealand Festival, Wellington, with Jony Easterby, Mark Anderson, Ulf Mark Pedersen and Kathy Hinde

Company of Wolves UK Tour Stage management for Burn the Curtain’s adaptation of Angela Carters dark and mysterious modern classic. Audience routes were between 2 to 3 miles for walkers (gatherers), and 4 to 5 miles for runners (hunters) The story unfolded along the way as dusk turned to darkness. In collaboration with the Forestry Comission in country parks and forests across the UK.

Rocket Death Slide As part of Greenpeace’s campaign the death slide returned to Glastonbury festival, this time emerging from the side of a 17m abandoned rocket.

On Tenterhooks Lighting design for a celebration of the river Exe in Exeter, with dance and procession company Oceansallover and pyrotechnics company AndNow


Eroles arts and activism residency in Catalan pyrenees gearing up for COP21 in Paris

Mines Lighting and photography project with Giles Bennett in the Artist Valley slate mines

Water Music Outdoor water responsive electronic music created in beautiful waters throughout mid-wales

Flying swallow reflections day and night time lighting installation for the Machynlleth comedy festival

Future Generations Bill Sound performance with Rosie Leach in Cardiff in response to the new bill

By Catch Drop slide As part of Greenpeace’s Oceans campaign we made a death slide that festival goers would slide down dressed as fish to learn about over fishing.  At 7m high it was quite a drop.

Company of Wolves UK Tour Stage management for Burn the Curtain’s adaptation of Angela Carters dark and mysterious modern classic. Audience routes were between 2 to 3 miles for walkers (gatherers), and 4 to 5 miles for runners (hunters) The story unfolded along the way as dusk turned to darkness.

Arwen Technician and workshops with Jony Easterby for a unique public performance in the grounds of the 13th century castle – Castell y Bere, Abergynolwyn, Mid Wales. The performance ‘Spinning a Yarn’ was part of Ar Waith Ar Daith, an artistic journey across the length and breadth of Wales to mark the 10th anniversary of Wales Millennium Centre, the national centre for the performing arts, created by outdoor experts Walk the Plank. The journey of Welsh myth and magic culminated in a spectacular performance outside Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.

Illuminata Botanica Lighting work with Jony Easterby, Mark Anderson, and Ulf Pederson who transformed the ten acres of botanical gardens in York with a series of installations that will allow you to see and hear nature in a new light.

Treesong Technicaian services for installation artist Jony Easterby who created a structure to capture sounds from the tree. At its heart, a wooden collar around the trunk of the tree acted as a pick-up to translate vibrations through 32 piezos and over 200 strings, amplifying the sound of the wind blowing through the tree on Bristol’s Durdham Downs as part of Bristols Green Capital programme.

Floating Dancefloor Located in the middle of the glorious woods, The Village Limits, in association with Virgin Trains, will be an amazing floating dancefloor in the middle of the stunning Chinese Lake (pictured here). The DJs will be playing from a specially constructed DJ booth located in the stunning pagoda overlooking the floating dancefloor.

Water Water everywhere; a series of workshops and film projects and an outdoor projection installation on ideas around flooding in the coastal town of Borth, Wales

Eroles COP21 Eroles project teamed up with Jungle House collective and TierrActiva to create an international autonomous community in Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, Paris for five weeks during COP21.  L’Annexe served as an art hub for people creating, running, performing or holding creative climate interventions throughout the city. We had workshops in collaborative arts practices, street theatre workshops, guided meditation and yoga, social sculpture, legal briefings for international activists, creative direct action for beginners, carbon colonialism and corporate control, burnout prevention. L’Annexe also served as a base for cooking team Kokerellen, who prepared vegan meals for hundreds of people working on actions, everyday, throughout the city. 


Tree house residency Lighting and photography project with Giles Bennett in local treehouses

Jellyfish Bloom Installation as part of the Greenpeace “Save the Arctic” campaign at Glastonbury festival 2014 made from reclaimed alkathene pipe and reclaimed ironed bubble wrap, with Harriet Wallis, Kate Fenalls and Katie Hastings

Audiofarm Installations for the 2014 festival including mannequin bench, mannequin tree, pallet benches and gallery of nature, with Harriet Wallis

For the birds Lighting for outdoor sound and light event at RSpB reserve Ynys Hir, with Jony Easterby, Mark Anderson, Ulf Mark Pedersen and Kathy Hinde

Dancemate Research and development project for a bespoke portable interactive LED dance floor for Black Box theatre with Tom Dixon and Laura Kriefman

Fire in the Mountain Lighting for the festival with Jony Easterby


Disco Dancefloor Portable LED dance floor

Woodland Pavilion Lighting design for community summer stage;

“Consuming the Environment” Installation at the Centre for Alternative Technology

Glacier Bottle Tunnel, light and sound installation; Greenpeace field at Glastonbury festival


CD fish Recycled Venues built a giant fish out of old CDs for Greenpeace at Glastonbury 2011.  A structure of hazel poles supported the CDs which were held in place with woven willow. People could walk through and take shelter from the mud and sun under the speckled shade.

The Grove group installation on deforestation for Greenpeace at Glastonbury Festival

 “Re-skilling the Nation” installation at Climate Camp

“Re-skilling the Nation” and “Ridiculous Sustainable Devices” installations in the Greenpeace garden at Glastonbury Festival

“Hard hat” sculpture at the Centre for Alternative Technology

The Treehouse

How many oranges does it take to change a battery

Installation works (over a 6 month period) “Time and Temperature”, “The dying out of the little people”, “Journey of recycled ribbons”, “Multipurpose musical whirligig”

Japanese Pagoda group installation and sculpture in the Green peace garden at Glastonbury Festival

Sketchbook show joint exhibition of public art

Show° group exhibition

The Flight of Iccorus group exhibition with Peter Greenaway


Selected Games and workshops


Hidden Civil War A series of workshops created by the Eroles collective as part of the Newcastle Arts Festival


Outdoor theatre special effects techniques weekend with Burn the Curtain


ZCB games Game and activity design and training to communicate the Centre for Alternative Technologies Zero Carbon Britain report to younger audiences

Lighting consultancy for various indoor and outdoor artists and events


Tunnel making workshop for Woodland Pavilion

Slime Mold Adult Woodland Games in the dark commissioned by Dyfi Woodlands

Woodland Wonders, week of woodland games for children in collaboration with Dyfi Woodlands

The Vaccine Game, Private Commission urban wide game, incorporating theatre, community and bizarre interventions

The Arctic Game; 100 player wide game designed for the Greenpeace campaign and played at Glastonbury festival

Woodland Wonders Game Community Woodland wide game commission; Llais y Goedwig

Dystopian Fun House Urban wide game design and facilitation

Biodiversity Game Community Woodland wide game for Ty Gwyn


GROW Games facilitator for the Oxfam GROW campaign, The Eden Project

Swallows and Amazons theatrical wide game on Dyfi Estuary, Gwynedd

Peter Pan Lost Boys, treasure hunt at Smugglers cove, Gwynedd

National Grid Game Pervasive game design and facilitator for Energy Day, Centre for Alternative Technology

Various night time adult wide games, Centre for Alternative Technology

Various night time adult woodland wide games, Ty Gwyn Woodland, Forge

Various daytime children’s woodland wide games, Ty Gwyn Woodland, Forge

Framing the Future, Arts and Values workshop designer and facilitator with Rosie Leach from PIRC for Emergence Summit

Mending things clinic Community workshop in how to mend things and why its important as part of the wider climate change debate


This is Rubbish Artist In Residence for “This Is Rubbish” tour

“Where’s my island” board game creation

Food Tour with Rachel Solnick on Welsh youth forum on sustainable development (wyfsd) food production tour.

 “Strawberry Feilds” Secondary School Project teaching teenagers about green wood working, environmental artworks, designing and making furniture from estate agent signs and designing an outdoor education space

Seed Stop animation with seeds workshop and Seeds under the microscope drawing workshop and Community print making workshops with seeds

Zero Carbon Play children’s education and art workshops at the Centre for Alternative Technology

Children’s biodiversity and art workshops at Ynys Hir RSPB nature reserve 2 Eco-art workshop at Climate Camp

Climate change challenge for children

Creative consultancy for energy and climate change think tank “Public Interest Research Centre”


Selected Artist Technician work


Ships Hold Installations for LUSH cosmetics food sovereignty audio installation as part of LUSHfest


Inside Out Working for Jony Easterby on his 5 sound installations inspired by bird song as part of the Activate Inside out Festival on Hengistbury Head, Dorset.


By Catch Death Slide at Glastonbury festival

Woodland Pavilion day and night time lighting installations Machynlleth Comedy festival

Arwen Schools 2

Company of wolves Stage management for the site responsive outdoor theatre production for Burn the Curtain


Healing Giant Assistance with giant raised bed in the shape of a man full of medicinal plants and interactive interpretation as part of the Kew Gardens 2014 festival, with Kirsti Davies and Giles Thaxton

Floating dance floor Assistance with installation sponsored by Virgin for Festival Number 6 with Giles Thaxton

Chalet soleil Levant

LED dress 


Sounding the River Route lighting for a journey of sound, light and performance down the River Rea and into Cannon Hill Park

Natural Pond project with Jony Easterby at Coed Gwern woodland

Fire in the Mountain Route lighting for festival

Incredible Edible Tea Party Carpenter for for Kew Gardens commission

Audible Forces Technical Support for Jony Easterby on Oxford Contemporary Music tour

Denmark Farm with Crafted Space playground commission

Timber Arc with Jules Russel Compost Toilet

Bonzai Exhibition in Wales institute of Sustainable Education with Jony Easterby

Lighting Design Lab with Jony Easterby, Mark Anderson and Ulf Mark Pedersen


Giant Xylophone project with Pippa Taylor

Maesteg Working with Jony Easterby on land art project

Estuary Lab research and development project with National Theatre Wales, Jony Easterby, Walk the Plank, Jenny Hall and a group of selected artists, makers, engineers, geologists, performers and historians at Frongoch, Gwynedd, Event Co-ordinater

Fire Garden with Walk the Plank and Giles Thaxton at Festival Number 6, Portmeirion

Emergence film making for the Arts and Climate Change Summit

Fire in the Mountain Sound and light installation with Jony Easterby Woodland Design Lab with Crafted Space at Graig Wen, Morfa Mawddach, Snowdonia

The House group installation at Shamballa Festival

Food for Thought Set Designer for the National Theatre of Wales Assembly project 


Caradoc’s Hideout Groesfnen community arts and architecture building and garden in South Wales

The Tyre gallery and junk wall

The Turf sofa

Locws 3 International technician and Invigilation


Selected Illustrations, logos, graphic design, paintings


Clean-tech logo

Singletrack Adventures logo

Meg Mills Massage logo


Cambrian Wildwood logo

Mairs Bakehouse logo

ZCB educational resource pack


Articulture logo

Book Illustration for; the Polyamoury Trialogues


“Tell us a story” Children’s book written and illustrated

“Joely Roger and the giant clam” Children’s book written and illustrated

Leaflet Design with Illustrations for Dyfi Biosphere

Graphic design and illustration commission for the Dyfi Footprint Project “menu”


Graphic design and illustration commission for Zero Carbon Britain 2030 report

Graphic design commission for the Community Land Trust logo

Graphic design and illustration for book “The hitch hikers companion”

Commission for design and illustration of the Dyfi Biosphere Passport learning resource

Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands Logo Commission

Dyfi Footprint Project Graphic Design Commission

Logo design and illustrations for Dyfi Foot-printing Project

Logo design commission for Seed Savers

Graphic designer and illustrator for the Graduate School of the Environment

Graphic design and illustration commission for the Dyfi Biosphere logo competition

Illustration for children’s book “Rebecca’s contagious chuckle”

Live public art performance, Aberystwyth (Published in Cambrian News)

Publication in Tree Spirit Magazine

Environmental Decorations Project for BB2

Publication of article in Peace News

Illustration Publication in “Valleys”


Selected Other work

Illustration and graphic design for various companies, charities and individuals

Medium Scale Wind Turbine technician

Volunteer at Cancer Research UK, Aberystwyth

Displays technician at The Centre for Alternative Technology

Co-Founder of “The Mending Things Clinic”

Co-founder of prettypractical

Co-founder of “Unfair Games”

Founder of “Handmade Fancy Pants”

Roofing and building work

Carpentry technician for artists

Electronics technician for artists

Micro Controller programmer for artists

Fundraising at “The Centre for Alternative Technology”

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