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Mycorrhizal; The board game

Woodland Trust 2018

A board game developed for the Woodland Trust about restoration of ancient woodlands on PAW sites (Plantation on Ancient Woodland).


Wrestling with the Issue

Small Is Beautiful Festival, 2015

An area for wrestling with your issues, be they issues within yourself, issues with the world, issues with each other or anything else we provided this therapeutic area to have it out, once and for all. On arrival you rolled the dice to see if you would be table wrestling, sock wrestling, zen wrestling, arm wrestling, face wrestling or thumb wrestling, many people tried all six.


eroles 2

eroles 3

week 3 prefranpada


Eroles Project

Arts and Activism Residency, Catalan Pyrenees, 2015


I attended just 3 weeks of this 3 month residency, it was a Summer residency, June 1st – Aug 30th 2015, dedicated to developing creative actions for COP21, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, December 2015.

It was linked with other grassroots initiatives to create joined up, impactful, radical, supportive and long-term change to our global attitudes and behaviours towards social and environmental justice.






arctic game 4

arctic game 7

arctic game 8

arctuc game 10

The Arctic Game

Glastonbury Festival and Fire in the Mountain Festival, 2013

A wide game designed as part of Greenpeace’s SAVE THE ARCTIC campaign. It physicalised through performance, fun and well known games, the complexity of the issues at play in the race for oil in the Arctic.

During the game, Nation’s raced for oil to save their citizens. Breaking up teams of dancing ice sculptures and disrupting the careful balance of biodiversity on their way.

They selected media coverage from the Arctic centre which varied from “Winter fuel Allowances for pensioners“ to “Pharmaceuticals“ and at the end of the game had to justify their choices to all of the players.

As the game progressed more and more players joined the extreme weather group either by becoming extinct or melting from the game.  The extreme weather disrupted play with drums and water pistols and conditions worsened for the remaining players.

Spectators were encouraged to intervene and many carried out direct actions on the game putting themselves between the racing Nations and the remaining animals or game commentaries pleading to the nations team to stop and think about the consequences of their actions.   

Each time we played there was a new outcome ranging from complete extinction to treatise between nations to share remaining resources and stop the drilling for oil, sometimes war broke out and nations stole from each other and slandered one another.

We concluded every game with a discussion of events and a chance to explain your motivations and what happened to you as each character.

The game was played at festivals including Fire in the Mountain and Glastonbury, designed and facilitated with Unfair Games.

the tunnel1  

funhouse comic

Dystopian Fun House

Machynlleth, 2013

Game though a converted house full of disorientation, physical, emotional and identity challenges, with Unfair Games.



Swallows and Amazons meets treasure Island

Dyfi Estuary, Gwynedd, 2012



National Grid Game

Centre for Alternative Technology, 2012

Wide Game as part of Energy Day where participants become electrons to learn about the National Grid and localised off-grid energy.


tunnel workshop6

Tunnel Making Workshop

Woodland pavilion, 2013



The Vaccine Game

Various venues and alleyways across Machynnleth, 2013

Town-wide game where participants formed pharmaceutical companies to make a vaccine that kept people in the town instead of moving to cities, gathering ingredients like “distilled sweat from the CAT sauna”, “pure intentions”, the “essence of schmissmass” etc from various locations including laboratories and backstreet dealers. Then going through the testing process, navigating endless waiting rooms, cuddly toy animal testing and fickle human testing.


woodland creatures8

Biodiversity Game

Woodlands through Wales, 2013

Community Woodland wide game where participants become various animals and insects.


woodland wonders day 3 f


Woodland Wonders

Ty Gwyn Woodland, 2013

Week of woodland games for children in collaboration with Dyfi Woodlands


zero carbon play 2


Zero Carbon play

Centre for Alternative Technology, 2009 onwards

Children’s education and art workshops at the Centre for Alternative Technology



Strawberry Fields

Secondary School Project teaching teenagers about green wood working, environmental artworks, designing and making furniture from estate agent signs and designing an outdoor education space

Design lab


Woodland Design Lab

Graig Wen, 2012

Crafted Space at Graig Wen, Morfa Mawddach, Snowdonia, experimenting with natural architecture in the woods.


TIR cardiff

TIR llanidloes 3

This is Rubbish

Venues accross Wales, 2011

Artist In Residence for “This Is Rubbish” tour

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